Cornetto fans often have a big obsession with the product, so the aim of this series was to produce believable (but ultimately non-existent) merchandise related to the product that the target audience (teens) would love to own if it did exist.



Emoji's are an important part of modern vocabulary and there is a massive library of emojis available to convey every emotion. Yet there wasn't one that people could use to express their love for Cornetto ice cream. Well there is now!


Break Glass

A self explanatory and obvious take on the 'Break Glass' boxes. I am fond of this simplistic design and it fits the brand really nicely. Simple yet effective design.


May The 4th Be With You

Celebrating Star Wars day with an obvious recreation of the iconic opening shot in Star Wars of the Imperial Star Destroyer. The copy was added to take the cheese level into overdrive.



How awesome would a dedicated Cornetto shop be? Imagine seeing this sign glowing in the distance on a hot summers eve, you enter the shop and it's full to the brim with hundreds of different flavours. That's the kind of product desire i wanted to evoke with this design.



Celebrating the 2014 World Cup by creating the ultimate prize for Cornetto fans. Taking the love of the product to the extreme, and connecting the brand with a major cultural event.



Some 2D meets 3D visual trickery to create a drawing of a Cornetto that appears to be dripping into the third dimension and onto the hand. This was part of a series that tested incorporating the product into interesting visual executions.


The Claw

Who doesn't love those claw arcade machines? Even though they are frustrating they are a staple of arcades, and there's always that one specific prize in the machine that you want. For Cornetto fans this would be their ultimate prize. This design is a photo manipulation using 5 different images to create a realistic refrigerated arcade machine.



A simple design expressing how the tip of the Cornetto is generally considered to be the best part, and how, unlike a lot of other food products, a Cornetto ice-cream only gets better as it goes along.



Instagram Inception

Fun project exploring 'behind the scenes' of Instagram photos. Commenting on the idea that what you see on Instagram isn't always the full story. It's a little bit cheeky as well because 'summer_girl' is clearly saying she loves her Cornetto more than the poor dude (me) feeding it to her.




This series brought life to the product by visualizing it as different characters from fairytales that teen audiences would find relatable and humorous. It was nice to make a departure from my usual digitally enhances design to focus on physical handmade 3D characters instead.


Heart & Brain

An illustrative series again playing with 2D meets 3D visual executions. The purpose of this design is purely to visualize the quote in a cutesy way that would resonate with the teen audience.



As part of the usual series of visualizing things Cornetto fans would love i branded up this fake vending machine (located at the sunny seaside on Brighton Pier). 12 different flavours all in one location, always stocked, always ice cold, how awesome would that be?

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 2.35.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 2.36.00 PM.png

Twitter Trick

A bespoke Twitter design that acts as a kind of trick so that the Cornetto disappears when the image is clicked to view large. The left is how the original image looks in the Twitter timeline, but once clicked and expanded into the larger view the image transforms into the one on the right. This trick is achieved by making different sections of the image have different levels of transparency, so the image changes when it is viewed against different colours. This works specifically on Twitter because the timeline view and the expanded view have different colour backgrounds.