The Guest

Digital sketch 
illustration inspired by Adam Wingard's stylish 2014 thriller The Guest, starring Dan Stevens & Maika Monroe. The movie is drenched in warm fuzzy neon colours, with this scene being particularly impressive for its visual styling.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.55.01 AM.png



A vector rendition of Joe Shuster's Silver Age Superman to celebrate the release of yet another movie about Kal-El, Zach
Snyder's Man Of Steel, which sees the Superman costume design take on an ultra modern look. Shuster's Silver Age take on the iconic costume has been always been my favourite.




In 2013, Irrational Games released a unique sequel to their seminal Bioshock series. Bioshock: Infinite was lauded for it's gorgeous art direction and unique vision of a 'utopian' sky city. Naturally i just had to pay tribute to the early 1900's propaganda art covering the entire sky city of Columbia.




An illustrated greeting card commissioned to celebrate the anniversary of a client and his partner. The design portrays 9 locations that have played an important part in their relationship.
This was also printed as an A1 poster.

 Bored Of Math Moonlight Cinema

Every summer i run a backyard cinema at different locations around Harlow, Essex. It's a pop up event with a portable projector & large screen and the type of movie is decided through an online poll, although the main theme is cult movies. These posters were designed to promote the event and were numbered and distributed to all of the attendees.

Hitchock Editorial Mock Up.png

Cult Television Characters

This spread is from a project proposal that never developed any further. The idea was to create a comprehensive 'dictionary' of cult television characters, exploring their iconic likeness and trademark sets. The project fell through when i realised i wanted to illustrate almost 100 TV shows and couldn't decide which characters to cull (as they are all very important in their own way). Although it's not all bad news because this project inspired the A-Z of Movie Characters book that i completed in 2014. I hope to return to this project one day and see all 100 characters illustrated.


A short narrative strip commissioned to explore the funny stuff kids say to their teachers (which is often offensive, yet intended to be harmless). This is the first in an ongoing series.




This illustration was an entry into the Nandos Menu Competition. The brief was to create a modern design in keeping with Nandos brand guidelines that represented the spirit of the restaurant. I thought it would be fun to explore how Nandos came from small scrappy roots to become a staple of modern youth culture and a kind of movement of its own. I also thought punk chickens would look rad.