Eddie Murphy's Iconic Characters

An illustrated series for Eddie Murphy that explores the various iconic characters portrayed by the man himself. The aim of this project was to demonstrate Eddie's impact on popular culture (specifically within the film & television industry) by calling out his most beloved characters and their defining traits in a shareable film poster influenced series.




Action Figure

How great would it be to have universal action figures of your favourite actor which came with the costumes of their most iconic characters. Fancy some action? Here's Axel Foley. Fancy some humour? Here's Eddie Murphy RAW. Fancy some family fun? Here's Donkey! It's all in one neat package (bonus accessories sold separately).

(Disclaimer: Not real.)


Playing Cards

Eddie Murphy is known for completely transforming himself into many different characters often in the same movie, but what would happen if Dr Dolittle & The Nutty Professor had a face off? Well now you can find out with these nifty character cards. Billy Ray Valentine is a fantastic broker, but can he sing and dance as well as Jimmy 'Thunder' Early?

(Disclaimer: Not real.)